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    Default Baal Veer to defeat Bawandar Pari in SAB TV's Baal Veer

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    The magic wand can be used as a tool to create sweet magical wonders. However, if it falls into the hand of the wrong person, especially someone like Bhayankar Pari (Shama Sikander) it can create havoc. On SAB TVís Baal Veer (Optimystix), you have already seen Bawandar Pari (Deepshikha Nagpal) breaking free from the prison of Pari Lok and getting hold of the ominous Bhayankar Pariís wand. This wand falls on Mother Earth right into the hands of the notorious child bully Montu, who as expected, is misusing it.

    Baal Veer (Dev Joshi) with the help of Natkhat Pari (Aditi Sajwan) and Dooba Dooba Pari are trying to retrieve the wand. Natkhat Pari, Dooba Dooba Pari and Baal Veer have disguised themselves as a Chinese lady, a mad scientist and a bespectacled Sikh boy with bunny teeth, respectively. They are trying to gull the bully boy to return the wand by misleading him to believe that his wand will become two wands if inserted in cloning machine which can create a replica.

    In the upcoming episodes you will see Bawandar Pari stealing the wand again. As this is a comedy for kids in which good has to triumph over evil, Baal Veer will gain possession of the wand from her clutches.
    Bawandar Pari whose strength lies in creating destructive cyclones will have to eat the humble pie.

    For more updates on the show keep watching this space.



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