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    Default Baal Veer and The Amazing Spider Man join forces to save kids in distress

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    SAB TVs Baal Veer (Optimystix Productions) has always been entertaining kids by taking them on magical trips.

    And now with the impending release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on 1 May in India, the makers have woven an episode that will see Baal Veer partnering with Spider Man.

    upcoming track will witness how Manav (Rudra Soni) and Meher (Anushka Sen) would get stuck in a lift. Not able to come out of the lift, they will seek help of Baal Veer (Dev Joshi), who will protect the innocent from evil powers, to come to their rescue and save them. Joining forces with Baal Veer would be Spider Man and they would jointly save the children.

    When we contacted Dev, he said, When my director told me that Spider Man will be making an appearance in my show, I initially thought that he was pulling a fast one on me. Later when I saw that Spider Man was truly a part of the act, I was overjoyed.

    I am a huge fan of Spider Man and have a vast collection of his comics, action figures and posters. Out of the many superheroes we have in the comic universe, my favorite one has always been Spider Man. I truly like all his super powers of climbing walls, scaling sky scrapers and super human strength. It was dream come true for me to share screen space with my favorite superhero. I hope such opportunities come my way more often, he added.

    Just to clarify, the movies real hero Andrew Garfield did not come to shoot but some actor put on the mask for the roll.

    The sequence will air soon.



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