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    Default Baal Pari to unknowingly release Bawandar Pari from Jail in Baalveer

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    All the paris to stand up against the trouble maker Bawandar Pari..

    Optimystix Productions Baal Veer on SAB TV will soon witness lots of chaos and action in the upcoming episodes after the entry of Bawandar Pari.

    Our Source informs us, "Bawandar Pari (Deepshikha Nagpal) will be put in jail by all the paris as she is harassing all the paris and on the other end there will be a cycle race at Dhartilok in which Baalveer and Natkhat Pari (Aditi Sajwan)will go down to Dhartilok to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

    However, things won't fall in place as Bhayankar Pari's (Shama Sikandar) wand will fall at Dhartilok and Montu the naughty kid will get hold of it and all the powers of the wand will get transferred to him. Soon after that Natkhat Pari will learn that something is wrong with Dhartilok and the kids cycle race as things are getting topsy-turvy at Dhartilok.

    After this Natkhat Pari will ask Baal Pari (Sharmilee Raj) if Bawandar Pari is properly locked or if she is released and soon Baal Pari will by mistake release Bawandar Pari. Bawandar Pari will take Bhayankar Pari's wand back and will make the life of all the paris miserable but each and every Pari will unanimously stand against Bawandar Pari. The Dhartilok cycle race will end in a smooth manner."

    When contacted Aditi Sajwan regarding the upcoming track she confirmed saying, "Yes, there will be lots of chaos in both Pari Lok as well as Dharti Lok but Natkhat Pari and Baalveer will ensure that things fall at its place."



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