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    Default Happy Pongal & Sankranti To All DR Members

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    Sankranti is a sanskrit word. It means to move from one place to another or to change direction. The time when the sun changes direction from one constellation of the zodiac to another is known as Sankranti.

    There are 2 Sankarantis. Mesh Sankarti when Sun is in Aries and Makar Sankranti when Sun moves from Aagaritus to Capricon. Makar Sankranti falls on 14th day of January, It is also called Uttarayana. When the days gradually become longer. It is also called Khichadi Sankranti. It is Tradition to eat Khichadi made out of Grains ghee and all kind of Spices in some parts of India.

    Makar Sankranti is called Pongal by Tamilians. On this day their New Year starts.
    They start day with Surya Pongal or sun worship. The newly harvested corn is cooked for the first time.
    Joyous festivities and celebrations take place in every home. Servants, farmers and the poor are given food and clothes, presents of money. On the next day, the cow, which is regarded as the symbol of the Holy Mother, is worshipped. Birds and animals are also fed
    During this holy festival people learn to feel oneness with all creations; They learn to be unselfish and learn to love others, purity and forgiveness.

    Happy Sankranti & Pongal

    Hello ...DESIRULEZ... Members

    We take this opportunity to wish all our members,, staff and visitors a very happy Pongal & Sankranti festivals.

    Wish everyone would have a wonderful Sankranti and a warm adieu to the old! Here's to happiness,good times,good cheer. And the many joys yet to unfold!

    We hope that this Pongal brings joy & continued happiness in your lives.

    The Word and Meanings

    Pongal is a Tamil word which signifies the festival as well as the name of the main dish prepared using the newly harvested rice, dal, jaggery and milk. The fruits and vegetables are also obtained fresh from farm. Pongal means boiling.

    How Preparations Made for Pongal Festival ?

    The month Thai is considered as an auspicious month by Tamils. It is believed that dawn of the Tamil month Thai will mitigate all miseries. People will discard all old things and replace with new things. They will clean whitewash their house. They also decorate the house with kolams (Rangoli). They will purchase new dresses, jewelry and utensils. They will also prepare sweets. The farmers will offer fresh vegetables and fruits to their near and dear. The villages in Tamil Nadu also consider this as a communal festival. The temples will also get new facelift. Womenfolk decorate the temple premises with kolam, mango and coconut leaf festoons. The married daughters will receive harvested crops, vegetables, fruits, coconuts, utensils and money from their parents. Young girls decorate themselves with henna and share with friends and relatives. Women and young girls wear new clothes, wear golden and silver ornaments, volunteer.

    How Pongal Festival celebrated?

    The Sankranti or Pongal day is dedicated to Lord Sun, the savior of this world with His golden rays. In every household the pongal is cooked in the early morning at their front yard. Fresh earthen pots are fetched and decorated with kolam (drawing lines and curves with rice flour to beautify). For cooking they will use traditional wooden log flame. Fresh milk and water are allowed to boil and the froth will come out of the pot. It is believed as an auspicious sign. After this rice will be added and allowed to cook. Following this powdered jaggery and cardamom powder will be added. Now ghee will be added and the ingredients will be stirred well. At the end the dish will be decorated with ghee roasted cashew and raisin.

    It is customary to tie the turmeric plant at the neck of the pot. They will make a tripod using sugarcane stems (with leaves) tied at the top. The pongal pots will be placed under this tripod. They will be a small pooja and prayer. They will rejoice their festival by shouting ‘Pongal –O – Pongal’. They will feed all housemaids, farm servants, workers, dobhis, barbers and every one come to their house.

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    Happy Pongal & Sankranti To All DR Members

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    Happy Pongal & Sankranti To All DR Members

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    Happy Pongal & Sankranti to everyone

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