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    Default St. Luminous Mission High School

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    File Information
    Group: Anime-Keep
    Feature Length : ~25 Min
    Audio Language: Japanese Audio w/ English Subtitles
    Audio Encoding: Lame MP3
    Frame Rate: 24 fps
    Video Resolution: 512x384
    Related Media: St. Luminous Mission High School OST + Dramas

    Series Information
    Year: 1998
    Episodes: 13
    Director: Tetsuro Amino
    Production: GENCO

    Series Description: Kaihei is a rather normal high school student but soon discovers that his deceased grandfather has left him the chairman position of his all-girls high school, St. Luminous Mission High School. Besides being the only male student on campus, he is also now the young chairman in charge of campus rules, happenings and punishments. When Kaihei arrives however, it seems a student has gone missing. Kaihei, along with his closest friends, are now determined to solve this mystery (without getting the local police involved) before graduation. [Taken from ANN]




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