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    ~Following their previous adventure, Kan'u and Chouhi's group rescue a mysterious girl - who is actually the real Ryuubi - her name and heirloom sword have been stolen. The group sets off to recover Ryuubi's sword; at the same time, a group of street performers, the Three Chou Sisters, are given a mysterious magic book that may be more trouble than they think.

    Series Info
    Categories : Action, Adventure, Boing, China, Comedy, Cooking, Ecchi, Nudity, Pantsu, Plot Contunuity, Seinen, Slapstick... and BREASTS!
    (of ALL shapes and sizes)
    Director: Nakanishi Nobuaki
    Production: BaseSon.
    Animation: Doga Koba

    File Info
    Group: Polished
    Subtitles: English Softsubs
    Subtitle Source: Commie
    Runtime: 12eps. x 25mins.
    Video: 1920x1080 h264/AVC
    (3,000-4,200 kBit/s) 23.976 fps
    Video Source: BluRay
    Audio: 2.0 Stereo AAC
    (~194 kBit/s)




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