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    Default Secret of Cerulean Sand TV

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    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
    Loosely based on Jules Verne's stories Facing The Flag and City in the Sahara.
    Producers: Telecom Animation Film, Tokyo Movie
    Year: 05.01.2002 till 29.06.2002
    Group: AnimeCoalition
    Files: avi
    -Video: 640x360 16:9 23.976 fps DivX5/DivX6 (~854 kBit/s)
    -Audio: japanese 2.0 Stereo MP3 CBR (128 kBit/s)
    -Size: ~175MB/episode
    -Length: 25min/episode
    Subs: english hardsubs
    Source: DVD

    A young lady of the noble Buxton family, JANE, is a vivid and cheerful girl, whose long yearning dream is to fly into the cloud and beyond. Being surrounded with love of her family members as well as the servants, Jane's life was so much close to perfect. Her perfect world, however, vanished when a letter arrived informing that Jane's eldest and beloved brother, George, who was participating in the expedition to the East, was executed to death. At the same time, Jane's stepbrother, William, leaves the family due to the protracted feud with father and the father becomes charged for embezzling.
    Days pass by and one day, Jane receives an envelope sent anonymously. Inside, there was a tiny piece of cerulean stone and right in front of Jane's own eyes, it showed a mysterious phenomenon...
    "Could this be the 'FUYUSEN' George was searching for?" "Could this be the letter sent by George?" Jane thinks. Convinced of George's survival, Jane decides to embark on a quest to the unknown land to find her brothers.
    This series is a co-production between Japanese and Korean animation teams and was aired simultaneously in both countries.




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