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    Default Romeo and the Black Brothers

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    Year: 1995
    Episodes: 33
    Categories: Adventure, Coming of Age, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
    Director: Kôzô Kuzuha
    Production: Nippon Animation

    Groups: AnimeHeaven [A-H]
    Video: AVI (DivX3), 512x384 / 528x396 (4:3), 24-30 fps (~930 kBit/s)
    Audio: Japanese, 2.0 WMA (~64 kBit/s)
    Subtitles: English hard subs - has OP/ED translation

    ~ SUMMARY ~
    Rumors have it that a man called "The God of Death" wanders from town to town buying children from poor families, sending them off to the city of Milan where they must work as chimney sweeps and never return home. An innocent, kind-hearted boy named Romeo finds himself in this unimaginable situation. He courageously sells himself to the God of Death in exchange for his father receiving money for his medical needs. Shortly before arriving in Milan, Romeo forms a friendship with a mysterious, intelligent boy named Alfredo who is on the same path. Upon entering the city together, Romeo and Alfredo must learn the hardships of chimney sweeping, standing up to gangs, protecting those that they love, and keeping their promises.
    Source: Anime-Planet

    Code:'s Blue Skies - 01(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_02(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 03(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_04(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_05(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_06(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_07(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_08(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_09(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_10(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 11(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 12(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_13(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_14(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_15(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_16(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 17(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_18(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 19(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_20(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_21(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_22(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 23(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_24(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_25(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 26(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_27(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 28(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_29(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_30(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 31(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's Blue Skies - 32(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi's_Blue_Skies_-_33(Sub)(SVHS)[AH].avi



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