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    Year: 2002
    Episodes: 14 episodes
    Categories: Aliens, Comedy, Parody, School Life, Sci-Fi
    Director: Shinichiro Kimura
    Production: Shaft, TNK,
    Encoding Group: DmonHiro
    Video: Source: HKDVD 720x480, vfr, x264 @1500-2000kbps(crf 18)
    Audio: Japanese Stereo, AAC @ 192kbps
    Subtitle: English vobsubs, made in Hong Kong

    ~ SUMMARY ~

    At Saint Hoshikawa School there is a secret group called the G-On Riders. Students with superior strength and ability are chosen to be in the group, which was formed to fight against alien attacks on the earth. However, many of the problems that the members face are ones amongst themselves, and the same is true for the invaders. And another student at the school, Ichirou, tries despretly to confess his love to Yuki, one of the Riders.
    ~Video Notes~

    As these were made from HKDVDs, they quality is not as good as you would expect from a DVD rip. They are, however, better then the current Div3 fansubs. There are also a few nude scenes that were not present in the TV version. Compare to Mugen fansub.

    ~Subtitle Notes~

    The subtitles are actually quite good, much better then I expected from a HKDVD. The translation is 85% accurate, the timing is decent (though there are a few missing lines like "What?"), the honorifics are present as well, and used correctly. The only actual problem if the rather poor grammar, as some sentences are translated very literally. There a also a few typos. Still, they are more then watchable, and only slightly worse then the Mugen subs. The OP and insert songs are translated horribly, though the ED song is flawless.[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_01_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[B26716A6].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_02_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[4111E9FE].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_03_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[701A955F].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_04_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[9B338F97].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_05_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[9FBFCB98].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_06_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[3CFAF0FE].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_07_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[7C2C11AE].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_08_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[23722323].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_09_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[470DBCC1].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_10_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[59E34AE3].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_11_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[327A9D3A].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_12_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[71A162E4].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_13_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[855A8AA5].mkv[DmonHiro]_G-On_Riders_14_(HKDVD,_480p,_AC3)_[6966840E].mkv



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