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    Series Information
    Year: 06.04.2006 till 29.06.2006
    Episodes: 13
    Categories: Manga, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Violence
    Director: Takahashi Naohito
    Production: OLM

    File Information
    Group: Exiled-Destiny
    Video: DVD | 720x480 anamorphic 16:9 | VFR H264/AVC (~1700 kBit/s)
    Audio: Japanese normal audio | 2.0 Stereo AC3 (224 kBit/s)
    Subtitles: English soft unstyled subs (SRT)
    English soft image subs (VOBSUB)

    When Ray was a child, she lived in a mysterious orphanage where children were bought and sold, and subjected to experimental surgery. Though she survived the experience, it changed her life forever. Now a young and skilled doctor, Ray operates on patients no one else dares touch, and cures illnesses that leave others baffled. She's blessed not only with phenomenal natural talent, but also a supernatural gift that takes her surgical ability to the next level: x-ray vision! But when Ray begins a new job at a private clinic, the secrets of her past begin to haunt her…




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