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    Default One Piece Movie - Clockwork Island Adventure

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    Year: 03.03.2001
    Categories: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power
    Director: Shimizu Junji
    Production: Toei Animation


    Group: Puto
    Video: 1280x720, H264, 5193 kBit/s
    Audio: Japanese, 5.1 Surround, True HD, 1823 kBit/s
    Subtitle: English Softsubs (ASS)

    Jango's Dance Carnival
    Video: 1280x720, H264, 5310 kBit/s
    Audio: Japanese, 5.1 Surround, True HD, 2030 kBit/s
    Subtitle: English Softsubs (ASS)


    After their ship is stolen, Luffy’s crew is adrift for over a week, leaving plenty of time to lament the loss. Then, to add insult to injury, they are tricked and caught by the Thief Brothers, which inadvertently ends up being their first lead as to who has their ship, the Going Merry! The dastardly deed was pulled off by none other than the nefarious Trump Siblings, a group of pirates that terrorize Clockwork Island. Now, the gang must travel to Clockwork Island to not only reclaim their vessel, but also to potentially find the world famous treasure -- the Diamond Clock -- as well! (Anime-Planet)

    Note: In order to join files please use a program called HJSplit. You can directly download it at



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