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    Group Coalgirls
    Source Blu-ray + Frostii's subs
    Video 1920x1080 H.264 ~3400 kbps
    Audio Japanese FLAC 2ch
    Subtitles English Softsub ASS

    Everyone around Kousaka seems to adore cats,
    but due to his allergies the teen can’t stand them.
    So when he wakes up one day and can hear what every feline is saying,
    Kousaka is annoyed to say the least. His new “gift”, it seems, is the result of accidentally breaking an enshrined statue of a cat; and what’s worse, Kousaka must atone for his sin and appease the vengeful spirit by aiding one hundred kitties-in-distress, or become a furry feline himself! Now, amidst helping various cats with mundane and trivial issues, Kousaka must try to dispel the jinx and attempt to salvage his self-respect – not to mention his love life – along the way.
    [ Based on a shounen manga by Fujiwara Sato, serialised online in the shounen web comic magazine FlexComix Blood. ]




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