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    Categories: Action, Adventure, Horror, Mecha
    Episodes: 48 (~14 mins each)
    Directed by: Jun Kamiya
    Produced by: Marubeni, Pony Canyon, Studio Pierrot
    Year: 4/6/1998 to 9/28/1999
    Group: AniMecha | [AM]
    Video: 576x432 | Xvid (~1080 kbs)
    Audio: English Vorbis 2.0 (~112 kbs)
    Japanese Vorbis 2.0 (~112 kbs)
    Subtitles: Vobsubs (Dialogue)
    Vobsubs (Titles/Signs)

    Neo Ranga follows the trials and tribulations of the three beautiful Shimabara sisters, Minami, Ushio and Yuuhi—who by some strange twist of fate, are inadvertently linked to a gigantic monster-god who hails from a tiny island kingdom in the South Pacific called Barou. After being invited to the island of Barou, the three girls learn of their missing older brother’s fate, as well as the fact that they are to inherit this island kingdom in the absence of a suitable male heir.




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