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    "During the 20th century there was a large-scale war. It was a major battle between humans and monsters. After bloodshed so violent that no words could ever explain it was the monsters who had won. Time went by, and a new century began. And then, people started to forget that melody."

    Year : 2004 Runtime : 24 episodes Director : Hiroshi Nishikiori Production : J.C.Staff, GAINAX
    Categories : Action, Post-Apocalyptic, Adventure, Piloted Robots, Melos Power, Funny Situations, Drama, Seinen

    Group : ExtraExitus (EEX) Source : DVD R1 Video : 704x480 (Anamorphic 4:3) H.264 ~900-1600 kbps
    Audio : Japanese / English 2ch AAC ~85 / 115 kbps Subtitles : English Softsub (full / signs) ASS




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