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    Default Mamotte Shugogetten!

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    Year: 1998-1999
    Episodes: 22
    Categories: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
    Production: Toei Animation

    Group: Anime-Influx
    Video: XviD, 640x480, avi container, dtv source
    Audio: Japanese/MP3
    Subtitles: English hard subs

    Taken from

    The animated series, "Mamotte Shugogetten!" is based on the manga written by Sakurano Minene. The series began airing on 10/17/1998 on TV Asahi.

    The story is about Shichiri Tasuke, a schoolboy whose father, Tarousuke, is an explorer and archaeologist. One day, he sends Tasuke a strange ring he discovered in China. When Tasuke opens the package, a girl appears from within the ring. Her name is Shugogetten Shaorin and her destiny is to protect the person who releases her from the shitenrin. After being confined for 4,000 years, you can imagine how familiar she is with the modern world. She's more adept at causing chaos and trouble for Tasuke than protecting him! Shao's ability to call forth hoshigami (small spirits) wreaks havoc for young Tasuke.

    His father also sends him an ancient rod he unearthed in the same location as the ring. From the rod appears Keikoniten Ruuan. Ruuan and Shao are long time rivals. Ruuan's ability is bringing inanimate objects to life.




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