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    Default Magical Girl Pretty Sammy

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    Year: 1996
    Episodes: 26
    Categories: comedy, magic
    Director: Katsuhito Akiyama
    Production: AIC

    Group: Engelgroup (
    Video: DivX 5 608x448 23.98fps
    Audio: Japanese: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps
    Subtitles: English, external-Added to videos through .idx and .rar setup
    Comments: You must keep the .idx and .rar files in the same location as the .avi or the subs won't be displayed. You should not unpack the .rar unless you want the actual .sub file inside it.

    In the magical kingdom Juraihelm, Tsunami is in line to be crowed queen but must complete a test first. She must choose someone to make the world a better place. Sasami is given the task of delivering a CD from her mother's store to a spooky mansion. When she gets there she is met by Tsunami who tells her she will become a magical girl. She endows Sasami with magical powers and sends Ryo-Okhi with her as a guide. Matters are not easy, however, as Tsunami's rival, Ramia, wants the crown and will do anything she can, including creating her own magical girl, Pixy Misa, to stop Tsunami from being crowned. (from anidb)




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