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    Koi Kaze | Love Wind
    During his usual commute to work, Koushirou notices a high school girl on the train and feels an immediate connection to her.
    After running into her again the next day, he decides to take her to an amusement park, where they both end up confessing that their hearts have been broken...

    Show Information
    Original Airing - 02.04.2004 till 18.06.2004
    Runtime - 13 x 24 minute episodes
    Coming of Age, Daily Life, Incest, Manga, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy
    Geneon Entertainment, Rondo Robe, TV Asahi
    Director: Takahiro Omori

    File Information
    R1 DVD release by GrimRipper
    Video - 712x480(16:9) H.264 (~1536kbps)
    Dialogue: Japanese Stereo AC3 (192kbps)
    Dialogue: English Stereo AC3 (192kbps)
    English Dialogue - VobSub
    English Signs - VobSub
    English (anime.fin) - SSA




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