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    Kyouhei, after moving away from his old town to Tokyo to get away from the events that happened, is on a goukon with his friends, including his old neighbor, Shiba. After a whole night of drinking, he and Shiba discover a dead, bloody body in the elevator. He is told by his younger sister, Utao with her Kamisama Doll, that Aki, an old friend, and his Doll are the culprits responsible.

    Duration 13 eps x 23mins
    Genre Piloted Robots, Seinen, Super Power, Sci-Fi.
    Director Seiji KISHI
    Animation Brains Base
    Year June 18, 2011 to Sept. 28, 2011

    Group Chihiro
    Source HDTV
    Video 848x480 h.264 (~910kbps)
    Audio Japanese 2.0 Stereo
    AAC (~189kbps)
    Subtitles English soft-sub (.ass)




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