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    Year: 20.04.1999 till 26.03.2000
    Episodes: 44
    Categories: Band, Music, Romance, Shoujo
    Director: Hiroko Tokita
    Production: Studio Hibari

    Group: Itsuka Anime (1-16, 19-24), Ishin (17-18) and unkown
    Video: ep 1-24: DivX 3 352x240 - 29.97fps 600kbps / DivX 6 512x384 29.97fps 350kbps
    ep 25-44: MPEG1 352x240 29.97fps 1150Kbps
    Audio: ep 1-24: Japanese MP3 22kHz 45-55kbps stereo ep 25-44: Japanese MP2 44kHz 224kbps stereo
    Subtitle: English hardsubs
    Comments: VHS quality


    The J-Rock band CLIMB has split up, for good. The drummer and bass guitarist have become fed up with the way the band is managed, and leave. They decide to start up their own band; "Lucifer, The Fallen Angel". The problem is, they have a serious lack of available talent. Meanwhile, across town, an extraordinarily talented piano player and singer has shown up at a hotel, and is thrilling audiences with his amazing style and grace. He's a quiet, soft-spoken man, however, and is obviously harboring dark secrets as well as suffering from depression. Lucifer needs a vocalist; this mysterious stranger needs a path in life. Will they find each other?




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