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    Series Information
    Year: 2011-04-06 to 2011-09-28
    Episodes: 26 - 1 + Trailer
    Episode Run Time: 23m 29s
    Categories: Angst, Mafia, Yakuza, Thriller, Underworld, Gambling, Pachinko, Manga, Seinen
    Director: SATO Yuzo
    Production: NTV, VAP, Madhouse

    File Information
    Group: Nutbladder
    Source: HDTV
    Video: h.264 1280x720 (16:9) 23.976 fps (avg. 1646 Kbps)
    Note: Episodes 18-20 and 22-26 use 10-bit video
    Audio: Japanese AAC 48000 Hz Stereo (128 Kbps)
    Subtitles: English Styled Softsubs (ass)
    Container: Matroska (.mkv)

    Sunk deep in colossal debt, Kaiji must spend the next decades of his life working it off in an underground slave pit, shovelling dirt with other disgraced down-and-outs. But far be it for Kaiji to have learned his lesson from his experiences on the Espoir.

    Upon discovering that the only fast track out of gambling-induced slavery is to gamble even more in a dice game called chinchirorin, he throws caution – and presumably his senses – to the fickle winds of luck! As well as giving him plenty of reasons to weep, this takes him up against formidable foes like his supervisor, Ohtsuki, whose dirty delight is to ruin the workers psychologically as well as financially.

    As the saying goes, in a bet there's a fool and a thief, and Kaiji can only hope he will not end up the former.




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