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    Default Jang Geum's Dream

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    Series Information
    Year: 2006
    Episodes: 26
    Categories: Historical, Daily Life, Cooking, Adventure, Comedy, Action, Coming of Age, Korea, Time: Past, Mina
    Production: Heewon Entertainment, Sonokong, MBC

    File Information
    Group: Anonymous Russian Rippers (ARR)
    Video: Episodes 01-13, 20, 25: H264 720x480 (4:3 anamorphic) 23.976fps ~600 kBit/s
    Episodes 14-17: H264 704x480 (4:3 anamorphic) 23.976fps ~600 kBit/s
    Episodes 18, 19, 23, 24: H264 698x480 (4:3 anamorphic) 23.976fps ~600 kBit/s
    Episodes 21, 22, 26: H264 698x478 (4:3 anamorphic) 23.976fps ~600 kBit/s
    Audio: Japanese 2.0 Stereo AAC (~100 kBit/s, 48 kHz)
    Subtitles: English unstyled softsubs (SRT)

    Jang Geum is a girl with a dream of becoming a palace chef. Through the story, she enters the palace and amazes people with her skills and willingness to learn. However, after receiving much approval from the royals and upper sang gong, she abandons her thought of cooking to see people's smiles and turns to winning and impressing. Lady Han, a sang gong that has always watched over her, warns her of the path she is taking but Jang Geum continues to strive to impress. Finally she is found out by the sang gongs after stealing a sacred book and thrown out of the palace with her friends, Yeon Shan and Chang Yi. Jang Geum travels with her friends and slowly realizes the mistakes she made and turns back to the train of thought she once had.




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