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    Default Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

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    Series Info
    Year: 2007
    Runtime: 24 episodes
    Categories: Fantasy, Angst, Detective, Thriller, Drama, Seinen
    Director: Chiaki Kon
    Production: Studio Deen
    Release Info
    Group: none [encoded and muxed by misha0209]
    Source: DVD R2
    Video: 712x480 (anamorphic 16:9) H.264 ~850 kbps
    Audio: Japanese AAC 2ch ~250 kbps
    Subtitle: English Softsub ASS (Hauu~ 's subs)

    Plot Summary

    It is the year 1983; and in the village of Hinamizawa, on the night of the cotton drifting festival and in the days following it, a series of deaths occurs. The only hope for the village and its inhabitants is the shrine maiden Furude Rika who, with the help of her invisible partner Hanyuu, is able to travel back in time and alter the events that led to disaster. Unfortunately, regardless of what changes are made, each voyage ultimately ends with the death of Rika and many of her friends. But when Rika’s friends start remembering things that happened to them in previous worlds and take steps to avoid the same outcomes, Rika realizes that their chances of survival have never been better. Can she really challenge and defeat fate itself?




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