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    Series Information
    Air Date: 08.04.2011 till 01.07.2011
    Runtime: 13 x 12 minutes
    Categories: College, Comedy, Manga, Seinen
    Original Work: Tagro
    Director: Takao Kato
    Production: Xebec

    File Information
    Group: DmonHiro
    Video: 1280x720 (16:9), 10-bit H.264/AVC ~1555 kBit/s, VFR
    Audio: Japanese, 2.0 Stereo, AAC 320 kBit/s, 48 kHz
    Subtitles: English, ASS styled softsubs (Interrobang)

    Nanako Matsutaka is an innocent university student who is participating in a sexual perversion seminar led by the deviant professor Kenji Meshiya. She desperately tries to keep her morals as well as her sanity while amidst the strange group of students in the study group. (from ANN)

    Code:[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 01 (BD 720p) [5C2A168B].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 02 (BD 720p) [67953E5F].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 03 (BD 720p) [B02CF96A].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 04 (BD 720p) [B0DF7D85].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 05 (BD 720p) [786D0FBB].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 06 (BD 720p) [4CD8EF18].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 07 (BD 720p) [8150E894].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 08 (BD 720p) [A3E785B6].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 09 (BD 720p) [D152C4FF].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 10 (BD 720p) [52008CB9].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 11 (BD 720p) [D51A9DAF].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 12 (BD 720p) [E847B447].mkv[DmonHiro] Hen Zemi 13 (BD 720p) [1D70F399].mkv



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