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    Series Information
    Year: 2011
    Length: 12 episodes x 13 minutes
    Categories: Magic, Comedy
    Director: Sugahara Souta
    Animation: Sugahara Souta

    File Information
    Group: Vyrsalia
    Video: TV 1280x720 h.264 29.97 fps (~2,500 kbps)
    Audio: Japanese 2.0 AAC (160 kbps)
    Subtitles: English soft-subbed .ass (Based on CR)


    This fully computer-animated series centers around three little fairies who live inside the trees in Fairy Forest.

    Each episode Korokoro, Pikupiku and Shirushiru gather around and drink tea while debating a topic. Afterwards they pay a visit to the 'Mental and Time Room' where they can freely use magic to play elaborate games, as well as the 'Magic Spring Dubbing Lake' with which they can peer into other worlds and make captions for the strange events that appear before them.
    A parody of another anime or media work may also be played.

    Code:[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 01 [720p][C92A7B6B].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 02 [720p][99C80D3F].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 03 [720p][25B1E4CD].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 04 [720p][A118253D].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 05 [720p][13F1D1EB].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 06 [720p][B2A3F89D].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 07 [720p][86471EA6].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 08 [720p][2C14D08B].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 09 [720p][8C91E1A2].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 10 [720p][C2E4CA77].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 11 [720p][6272DAEB].mkv[Vyrsalia] Gdgd Fairies - 12 [720p][00D480BF].mkv



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