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    Default If I See you In My Dreams

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    Year: 21.04.1998 till 19.12.1998
    Categories: Comedy, Ecchi, Love Polygon, Romance
    Director: Hiroshi Watanabe
    Production: Watanabe Hiroshi, Ooki Ryouichi, J.C.Staff

    Group: Dream-Anime
    Video: 640x480, 4:3, 23.976 fps XviD (733-987 kBit/s)
    Audio: Japanese normal audio, 2.0 Stereo Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) ( 121-123 kbps ); English normal audio, 2.0 Stereo Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) (168-173 kbps )
    Subtitle: English soft unstyled subs (SRT)


    Masuo managed to get through all of high school and college without a girlfriend. In fact, a fortune-teller has predicted that it is his destiny to be alone for his entire life! When Masuo sees the beautiful Nagisa, his heart is awakened for the first time. He has serious competition, however, from the flawlessly handsome Kaizuka and the amazingly ugly Kujira. Masuo is determined to succeed, but he is stalled by his knack for ending up in compromising situations with other women at exactly the wrong moment.




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