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    Main Title: Divergence eve
    Year: 2003
    Episodes: 13
    Categories: Action, Aliens, Sci-Fi, Seinen
    Director: Atsushi Takada
    Production: Radix

    Video: Divx 4 [ 640*360 @ 850 Kbps ]
    Audio: Japanese [ MP3 48 kHz Stereo @ 128 kbps]
    Subtitles: English [ Hard Styled ]
    Approx. Duration: ~ 24 minutes per episode


    In 2223 AD, the migration of the human race into outer space started by the discovery of the Inflation Hall, that made faster-than-light travel possible. The Inflation Hall connects Saturn's moon Titan to outer space, and is controlled by ancient ruins, the Watcher's Nest, the relay station of the Inflation Hall, located 32 light years from the Earth. However, this important transportation system to the outer regions of space unexpectedly attracts an alien race called the Ghoul, who attempt to invade our universe via that same transport system. (Edited from AniDB source)




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