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    Year: 2001
    Episodes: 13 (+ 2 specials)
    Categories: Action, Military, SciFi, Space Travel
    Director: Kazuyoshi Yokota
    Production: Enoki Films, Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd., Vega Entertainment

    Group: AnimeSkyScraper [ASS]
    Video: OGM (DivX5/6), 640x480 (4:3), 29.97 fps (~1121 kBit/s)
    Ep. 13 and the 2 specials are 23.976 fps
    Audio: English & Japanese, 2.0 Stereo Vorbis (Ogg Vorbis) (~85 kBit/s)
    Subtitles: English unknown unstyled subs (SRT)

    Regarding the specials: they really don't fit into the series at all, beyond using the same characters in a completely different context. Note: the real fun for Matsumoto fans is the chance to see the great man himself in a cameo appearance, complete with pirate skullcap and apparently working on Galaxy Express 999...


    Cosmo Warrior Zero is a space fantasy created by Leiji Matsumoto, the famous illustrator and author of popular comic books and animation products. Leiji Matsumoto is best known in the US and Europe as well for the animated series entitled Star Blazers (a.k.a. Space Cruiser Yamato), Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999.

    The long war between the planet Earth and the machine men is finally over, resulting in a peace that is more a victory for the machine men than the Earth. Warrius Zero lost his family in the war to the machine men but despite this he is still is a member of the Earth fleet that is now working in concert with the machine men. His ship, made up of both humans and machine men, has been given a near impossible task: capture the space pirate Captain Harlock. While Zero struggles to accomplish this task, evidence begins to surface that the peace between machine men and Earth may not be as it seems....




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