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    Year: 2005
    Episodes: 24
    Categories: Art, Comedy, Drama, Harem, High School, Romance, Slice of Life
    Director: Itsuro Kawasaki
    Production: ZEXCS


    Group: Lunar (softsubbed by Jumonji-Giri)
    Video: XviD 848×480 ~1400kbps 23.976fps (DVD)
    Audio: Japanese 2.0 AAC ~220kbps
    Subtitle: English Advanced SubStation Alpha


    Kamikura Hiroki was expected to become an artist when entering high school, but for some reason he gave up painting. Now, as a college student of the Nadeshiko Academy, he is studying to become a teacher. He also works as a substitute teacher for the art club of the same academy's high school division. One day, his cousin, Housen Elis, visits him. Her art talent was recognised by the academy, and she received a scholarship. Ever since she lost her parents as a child, she rejected reality, and it was only thanks to Hiroki, opening her mind to the world again, that her talent blossomed. Therefore she is very upset that he quit painting, and wants him to return to the art.

    Meanwhile, Kikyou Kiri, Hiroki's childhood friend, is appointed physical education teacher at the high school. Kiri confessed her love to Hiroki when they were still in high school, but he refused her. They have not seen each other in a long time. At first, they do not get along well, but gradually, they begin to remember their bitter-sweet young love. Seeing both of them, Elis realises how very much she loves Hiroki...




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