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    Default Boogiepop Phantom

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    Series Info
    Year: 06.01.2000 till 23.03.2000
    Categories: Angst, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Novel, Seinen
    Director: Shigeyuki Suga, Takashi Watanabe
    Production: Madhouse

    Plot Summary
    A scream in the night, and in that instant the world changed... or at least, it appeared to.

    The story evolves around a creature called Boogiepop. Boogiepop, also called death, hangs out in the city, and whenever you encounter it, she'll take you with her. Kirima Nagi, a highschool student, seems to be fighting Boogiepop - or at least, she tries to. But then there are disappearances everywhere, and strange happenings occur. And nobody sees the link between them.

    In a mixture of chaos and thrilling horror Nagi tries to find out what happened... and why it still hasn't happened to her.

    File Info
    Group: Brightslap Encoding
    Video: 704x480 H.264 10-bit @ ~1950kbps
    Audio: Japanese 2.0 AC3 @ 192kbps
    Subtitles: English Styled Subs




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