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    Series Information
    Year: 2001
    Episodes: 1 (1h16m) + Director's Interview (25m)
    Categories: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Post-Apocalyptic
    Director: TAKABAYASHI Hisaya, TAKIZAWA Toshifumi
    Production: GAGA Communications

    File Information
    Group: ARR
    Video: 819x468 (692x468 Anamorphic 7:4) h264 @23.97fps (824kbps)
    Interview: 625x480 (704x480 Anamorphic 13:10) h264 @23.97fps (496kbps)
    Audio: Japanese, English: 2ch Stereo AAC @48kHz (112kbps)
    Interview: Japanese 2ch Stereo AAC @48kHz (112kbps)
    Subtitles: English VOBSub


    Post-nuclear Earth is barren, and life can't survive on the surface, so the few remaining people have lived under-water waiting for their time to be able to go to the surface. Amamiku and her faithful computer guardians, Pyron and Mayzamik, guard the seeds that contain the DNA for life and re-growth on the surface when the air is breathable again, but not everyone wants that to happen.

    Note: In order to join files please use a program called HJSplit. You can directly download it at



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