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    Default Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge

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    Year: 2005
    Episodes: 13
    Categories: Comedy, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Slapstick, Parody, Seinen
    Director: Hitoyuki Matsui
    Production: Etsuyo Fukuda
    Group: Jumonji-Giri
    Video: x264 712x480 4:3 VFR 1050-1615 kbit/s (crf 16)
    Source: DVD
    Audio: Japanese 2.0 Stereo AC3 (448 kbit/s)
    Subtitles: English translation by Himitsu (styled softsubs)

    ~ SUMMARY ~

    Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge flips back-and-forth following the tribulations of two groups of women.

    Yoshizumi Aimi and Sasajima Kaoruko are a comic duo, “Love Pheromone”. Their dream is to become popular and end up on Broadway. However, their names are not well-known, and they have to do part-time jobs. But besides that, they also act as the heroines of justices, which also goes with the name "Love Pheromone".

    The five Hokke sisters lost their parents when they were quite young. Although they are poor, they're living comfortably because they have a dream, which is to be evil. The Hokke Family has belonged to an evil organization and worked as a combatant. When their father died, he left them a message that asked them to become a villain that he couldn't become.




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