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    Default We wishes a happy birthday to Anas, Ridheema and Anisha

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    Anas Rashid who is currently seen in Diya aur Baati Hum on Star Plus is celebrating his birthday today along with Ridheema Tiwari (earlier seen in Sasural Genda Phool) and Anisha Kapur.

    Talking of his birthday Anas Rashid shares,ď Itís a very special birthday, as it has coincided with we getting an as-yet highest 6.7 TRPs. I told them that very day itself that I will celebrate my birthday today with my teammates. I have organized a small lunch party at my place this afternoon and later will go for my shoot. Talking about gifts, I got plenty of them, I got cards, a laptop, perfumes, pathani, kurti, sehara and lot of congratulatory letters. It was a very overwhelming feeling.

    I only wish that either my parents would have been here for my birthday or I was with them. One thing that I always do on my birthday is tell my Ammi to distribute sweets and clothes to the poor people as itís a memorable day for her, it should be for others too. I will have a small get together with my friends in the evening.Ē

    Avers Ridheema Tiwari, "I always go to my set and cut a cake before I embark on my shoot even if it's just one scene. This is because I feel that the cast and crew also become your extended family when you are shooting. I miss my motherís home-cooked food on this auspicious day.

    It is an exciting day today as my brother also celebrates his birthdays in the same week with me. I vividly remember that in our childhood, there used to be a grand joint celebration when my mother used to cook for all the guests and organize everything single-handedly. Birthday also means that you are one more year matured in your life and asks you to work harder."

    Shares Anisha, ďI was with my hubby (Mahesh) yesterday at Mc Donaldís last night. My friends from Delhi had come over to my place and they gifted me lots of stuff. I donít know where I will go with Mahesh. It would mostly be him, my friends and me going out for dinner. As far as gifts are concerned, Mahesh hasnít gifted me anything as yet but am still waiting for his gift. One thing I wish on my birthday is that I get a good project this year.Ē



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