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    Default Wish you a happy mothers day!

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    TV Celebs wishes all the lovely mothers a very Happy Mothers Day.

    Debina Bonerjee: Mother's are the beginning of the existence, a thankful quote for all the mothers in the world, I love, respect and adore for that they do for their child, right from forgiving to accept for the mistakes done.

    Urvashi Dholakia: To be a mother is a blessing, she is the one who completes the circle of life, thanks to all the mothers for upbringing their child shedding their love and forgiving all the mistakes and accepting them! Happy mother's day!

    Karan Mehra: God couldn't come down so he sends mothers as an angel to protect us! Happy mother's day to all the lovely mothers!

    Barkha Bisht Sengupta: The World wouldn't be there without mothers so respect and love the all, wish all the mothers a very Happy Mother's Day!

    Avinash Sachdev: For me only 13th May does not signify mother's day, for me every day in this world belongs to our mother's and especially my mom and dad have been like my best friends they are the one who made me who I am today and they are like god to me.

    Shakti Mohan: Woman are blessed because they get to be mothers, they are blessed because they get to feel this wonderful feeling of motherhood. On this mother's day I would like to say thank you mom for being there and thank you for making us who we are and forgiving all our rudeness and stupid rebellious behavior of our adolescent years. I just wanna say mom I will be there and I don't want to grow up I want to still sleep in your godhi and be that little girl.



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