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    Default Who will win the final T20 World Cup battle...West Indies or Sri Lanka? TV celebs cheer for their fa

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    We all know that the interest in the ongoing T20 World Cup has waned after the Men In Blue got knocked out in the Super Eights round. But yet the biggest game in this premier ICC tournament is to be played. Yes, hosts Sri Lanka will take on a resurgent West Indies in the finale tomorrow night (7 October 2012). We spoke to a few TV actors to find out which team they think will eventually walk away with the trophy. Boxy Boy’s player (TV actor’s cricket club) Jay Bhanushali said, “Sri Lanka has a good chance to win as they have a good set of players who can deliver the goods when the chips are down. Plus you have home crowd support as well.”

    However, Aman Verma stated that West Indies will rise up to the occasion. “I have full confidence in the them (specially Gayle) after the way they annihilated the Aussies in the semi final match.”

    Ashish Kapoor of Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage on Sony Entertainment Television on the other hand showed no concern on who wins. “We are out (Indian team), so I really don’t care. It was quite sad that we got eliminated after just one very bad day in the office (vs Australia).” Here… Aman added that, “The format of this tournament is such that just winning does not count, you need to win with a very strong margin as well. Like although India took out the Proteas (South Africa) in the Super Eight fixture, as we could not do it with elan… we had to take the next flight back home.”

    Cricket continues to be a man thing for our TV beauties don’t seem to be much interested in this gentleman’s sport. Mitali Nag who essays the lead role in Afsar Bitiya said, “I just don’t get this game. The only three matches I have followed in my entire life would be the Laagan match (Aamir Khan movie) and the last two ICC world cup (50 overs) crucial encounters with Pakistan and Sri Lanka in which India triumphed.”

    Kishwar Merchant on her part as well had no clue about what has been going on in the T20 World Cup. “I only follow cricket when the IPL is on.” I guess she likes the glam and style more than the actual game.

    Coming to the format of T20, Jay fully endorsed it saying, “These days we don’t have time to follow a full 50 over game. We normally tune in only in the death overs anyways. So T20 rocks as it is a start to finish affair in three hours flat.”

    Again Aman disagreed with Jay saying, “T20 is not good for the game. Test and limited- over cricket examines all the facets of a player’s defensive and offensive capabilities as compared to T20, where you are supposed to toss the ball out of the park from the very first over itself.”

    When asked to comment on the gladiatorial feeling that cricket brings out, Kushal Tandon averred, “Why do you guys need to make it a life and death thing. You win some you lose some… right. ”

    In closing, Manav Gohil joked, “India’s early elimination from this competition will see the TRP ratings fall for broadcasting giants. And one more thing what will add to the lower numbers will be the Sri Lankan cheerleading squads. They are not really up to the mark, I guess the Emerald island missed on the hospitality aspect.”

    Well…let’s see who finally emerges triumphant…West Indies or Sri Lanka…who are you betting on??? Go to the comment section and cheer for your favourite team…



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