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    Default Vivian and Vahbbiz all set to tie the knot in January 2013

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    Let’s all come together to bless and congratulate the beautiful and heavenly couple Vivian Dsena and Vahbbiz Dorabjee…Reason? Today (16 November 2012), they completed one year of being engaged. Yes, exactly a year ago the duo decided to take their relationship to the next level altogether.

    Vivacious Vahbbiz tweeted, “1 year back I took the best step of my life. started a beautiful journey. got engaged to the most Lovable, Adorable n Nicest person. I Luv u Viv.”

    We called up Vahbbiz to learn more about her feeling of happiness. But before setting off we asked…isn’t one year a bit too long in terms of the gap between engagement and wedding? “It is old school thought that you should not keep long time between exchanging rings and getting married. We feel that we needed some time to get to know each other. When you are in courtship, it is a different ballgame altogether, but when you are committed, things change. There is a lot more responsibility which comes your way as well.”

    Now…there has been a lot of buzz on their wedding date. Here’s, in a conversation with us, Vahbbiz cleared the air once and for all, “We plan to tie the knot sometime in January next year (2013).”
    Just how kicked she is about the most important day of her life can be seen from her next tweet, “Together we make "VIVAH" which has the most beautiful meaning. We r soulmates.1 year has passed. Unbelievable how time just flies wid u:-).”

    Hope you guys have a long and successful married life. God Bless!!!



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