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    Default "Vivian and I are not married" - Vahbiz Dorabjee

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    We intalks with Vahbiz Dorabjee a.k.a Panchi Dobrial of ‘Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani’..

    Fans loved you in 'Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani'. How was the experience?

    It feels very good when your work is appreciated. PKYEK has been big for me - I got my first award ,met my life partner and discovered my self !

    You played Panchi in PKYEK. Can you relate to the character?

    I could relate to Panchi before the leap - She was positive, mature, strong and Stood up for the things she believed in and was very close to her family. But after the leap, Panchi got really different and not at all like how I am.

    These days Size 0 has all the youngsters going crazy. Your fuller figure has been appreciated by all the fans. What is your advice to all the youngsters?

    I am happy that I have been liked, but I think for an actor their performance should matter more and not their size. You can be good looking without being a size 0. I was also skinny when I first came to Mumbai, but it changed and I am very thankful to Ekta Kapoor that she liked my performance and chose me for the role. People who are obsessed with size 0 are harming themselves by not eating. Look at Vidya Balan, she is an actor who has proved that acting and performance are the most important to bring the screen alive.

    There were rumours that Vivian Dsena and you got married secretly.

    (Laughs) Well that's not true. I think it was April fool joke by a website and everyone fell for it. We are only engaged. The day we decide to get married, we will let everyone know.

    Is marriage on the cards?

    Neither too soon, not too far! We are still in the planning stage.

    Some stars have reservations regarding working with their partners post marriage. How is it with you and Vivian?

    I think it's foolish. It's like committing harakiri. Audience have already seen us together in PKYEK and we both love acting. It is important to meet different people and explore possibilities as we have different chemistry with others, like my chemistry with Siddhant was very much appreciated in PKYEK.

    You have been missing from small screen. When can fans expect you back?

    I would love to come back soon, but I want to do a role I'm really convinced about. I am getting offers but they are not what I plan to do. For me quality of work is more important than quantity. I left my dad's business to pursue because I'm passionate about acting. I also want to do movies someday.

    Any dream role for you?

    I don't have any dream roles but I do get inspired by strong actors and strong performances. Konkona Sen Sharma and Vidya Balan inspire me and I want to do similar strong performances and roles.

    Tell us one thing about Vivian that you dislike?

    It is difficult to say, there is nothing major I dislike about Vivian! However, I do get angry when he is not on time. Whenever we are going out, I'm ready on time and he is always late – I end up waiting for him.



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