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    Default Vivan Bhatena is in love with the lens

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    The handsome hunk Vivan Bhatena has one more love in his life besides acting (Chhoona Hai Aasmaan and Maayka). He loves the camera and would one day want to direct his own film.

    “I was always attracted by cinematography and prefer to check out a film the way it was shot. I drive my show’s DOP’s (Director of Photography) crazy by asking them hazaar questions on the types of lighting used. ”

    So how are you preparing yourself to fulfill your dream? “I have started photography from the past year and a half now. I shoot nature (underwater in Maldives and Tigers in Ranthombore), locations (travel) industrial and also portfolio pictures.”

    What are the skills for a good photographer according to you? “You need to have great visualization powers. Also today digital photography has made things very easy, but sadly most people ignore technical details like cutters, kind of lenses to be used etc which I do. Last but not the least I pay special attention to post production editing,” he adds.

    Vivan is a supporter of technology, “for software like Photoshop not only allows you to make up for the errors (due to the photographer, model or lighting) but even helps save a lot of money during actual shooting as you can digitally add a number of elements later.”

    Viva continues, “But yes the purists (who use film) are aghast at this change.”

    But how will still photography help you in filming which is a moving medium? “Both involve same basic elements (lighting, visualization and lenses etc) and it is important that you are well versed in all of them. Having said that films require much training, research and involves other facets such incorporating the story and working within budgets.”

    Since you have done both TV and films (Chak De India and Karthik Calling Karthik), how different is the cinematography in both? “The small screen is more concerned with close up’s, as how else will you show the emotions of the characters. Films on the hand have grandeur and larger than life canvassing.”

    Vivan last seen in Sanskaar Laxmi is also quite a realistic and know that getting a film break is not easy. “Here apart from talent you need the right contacts to get a chance. By God’s grace I have been around for the past 15 years, won Grasim Mr. India 2001) and have built decent data base of contacts. I will direct a music video next week. I am also video profiling music artists which not only some money but also helps spread my name around.”



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