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    Default TV writer Anand Sivakumaran talks about his upcoming films

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    Work on Anand Sivakumaranís upcoming film Money Devo Bhava is almost over...

    Veteran TV writer Anand Sivakumaran who has written shows like Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, Miley Jab Hum Tum, Rishtey and is currently writing Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year and The Buddy Project; has also written films like Nazar, Kalyug, the English film Detour and has scripted and directed the upcoming film Money Devo Bhava.

    Money Devo Bhava is an edgy, topical youth movie about greed and consumerism and how it drives college kids to amoral activities. Talking about where his inspiration comes from he says, "For months on end I kept reading about young kids getting into all kinds of petty or cerebral crime just to fund their laptops, I-pads, bikes and so on. The final push came when I read a news story about this kid who had defrauded a website of five lakhs. The website owner kept saying that he wished the kid would reform cause he was so smart and had such a bright future ahead. That was my trigger point - that loads of smart, talented, brilliant kids who had the potential to become the leaders, innovators and captains of the industry of tomorrow were throwing away their lives for instant gratification - and it wasn't even their fault - these are the pressures of our consumerist market and advertising driven society of today." Work on the film is almost over. Anand says, "We are dubbing, doing sound and music of the film now."

    He has also penned Chickotee, a nostalgic piece about one idyllic summer in a boy's life when he discovered love, a sweet tale of friendship, innocence and the madness of being young. Shooting is yet to begin though. Anand explains, "Chickotee was written four years ago and I've been trying to make it ever since. I've spent the time since casting and finding finance for it. Unfortunately most studios aren't interested in a project of this kind. Hence the delay."



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