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    Default TV vamps of 2012

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    Wicked beauties. They slither across the screen as they spew hate and plot vengeance against all and sundry - making you squirm. Hidden behind their sweet smiles is their poisonous intent. They add the twists and spice to each show, which makes you pine for the characters who are their victims. Audiences love to hate vamps, and they definitely whoop in delight when the wicked beauties are caught being nasty and meet their bitter and painful ends. Let us take a look at the ladies who stood out for their devilish performances in 2012.

    Neelu Waghela/ Kanica Maheshwari: Better known as Bhabho and Meenakshi of Star Plusí Diya Aur Baati Hum, they are not the usual vamps that you encounter. They have an axe to grind with Sandhya and both mother-in-law and sister-in-law constantly make things difficult for her. For instance, they ask Sandhya to choose between going to night school and being a householder, even though she has her husband's consent to do the former. There's no doubt they are largely responsible for the soaring TRPs of this show.

    Rucha Hasabnis: Rucha is better known as Rashi of Star Plusí Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Her singular aim is to disrupt her sister-in-law Gopi's (the show's lead played by Devoleena Bhattacharjee) life. She tries to spoil Gopi's cooking by adding extra salt, spices and then even puts itching powder in her shoes. She is one of the reasons for Gopi Bahu getting so much of love and affection from audiences across the globe.

    Usha Nadkarni/Jia Mustafa: The very strict and commanding Usha Nadkarni aka Savita hates her Ms Goody-two-shoes daughter-in-law Archana (Ankita Lokhande) who she constantly contradicts and screams and yells at. Jia Mustafa aka Poornima is the other trouble maker in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta who hates Archana's daughter Purvi (played by Asha Negi). But, itís because of them that Archanaís struggle has turned into a long running soap drama.

    Shivshakti Sachdev: This young actress who is seen as Pinky in Zee TVís Afsar Bitiya is a pain for Krishna (Mitali Nag) as she leaves no stone unturned to make things difficult for her. She has been plotting and scheming against right from the show's inception but her efforts multiplied manifold after Krishna got married to Pinto (Kinshuk Mahajan). The saving grace for Krishna is that Pinto is constantly by her side no matter what.

    Seema Mishra: This actress is better known as RKís (Vivian Dísena) ex-girlfriend Deepali or Madhubalaís Enemy No 1 in Colorsí Madhubala. She is one mean lady who wants RK back in her life but when she fails to do so, she does everything she can to put Madhu down, even going as far as carrying tales to her former boyfriend against Madhu and her family. However, all her efforts go in vain as RK and Madhu have stood strong throughout. But Deepali will definitely come up with some creative ideas to trouble Madhu in the future. These vamps donít give up that soon.

    Hema Singh: This talented NSD teacher plays a sweet yet cunning mother-in-law Imarti Devi in Colorsí Kairi. In fact her smart and tactful ways of troubling her bahus gained her fame and awards galore in real life. Which mother-in-law puts chili powder in her daughter-in-law's mouth or bans her from talking to her husband completely, just to retain control on the household? A control freak, she did all she could to pry apart her son's from their wives.

    Sonia Singh/Mona Vasu: Sonia Singh currently essays Richa's role in Colorsí Parichay which was earlier played by Mona Vasu. Richa, in the show, is besotted with Kunal Chopra and will do anything to have him in her life and away from his wife Siddhi Chopra. She even goes far as framing Siddhi for crimes she did not commit and then having Kunal imprisoned. Both Mona and Sonia have put in enough intensity into the role of an obsessive jilted woman to merit a mention in our Top Vamps list of 2012.

    Jyotsna Chandola: Khushi of Colorsí Sasural Simar Ka has almost changed the way one looks at TV vamps. She plays a bar girl and mother who has no emotions for her child even letting him starve so she can add to the family's (she lives with) agony.

    She creates a bar like atmosphere in the house while a pooja is being performed. She even shoves the head of the family Mataji (Jayati Bhatia) so hard she has a fall. She is one vamp who flaunts being bad as her only purpose in life.

    Eva Grover: She played step mother to Ram Kapoor in Sony Entetrainment Televisionís Bade Acche Lagte Hain. Niharika as she was called in the show, she had her eyes set on the family riches and property. Hence she worked hard to separate Ram from his loving wife Priya (Sakshi Tawar), brainwashing him against her. And she even succeeded for a while. But truth shall prevail as they say and especially in soaps, and she was asked to go her own way.

    Rukhsar Rehman: She is seen as Dr Malik who is devoted to her work in the hospital. But her love for Dr Ashutosh (Sharad Kelkar) is obsessive even though he is already married to Dr Niddhi (Kritika Kamra) in Sony TVís Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. Her main aim is to get him back into her life even if totally ruins the Ashutosh-Nidhi marriage. She has been at it for a long time and looks likely to continue to doing so, even if she has not been successful so far.

    Mouli Ganguly: She is seen as Anushka in Sony Entertainment's Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada. As Pradeepís (Pawan Shankar) ex-girlfriend, she chooses to ruin his marriage to Mona (Mona Singh). And recently, she took the extreme step of shooting at her bÍte noire Mona at a party but manages to kill the man she desires when Pradeep comes in the way and takes the bullet instead.

    Adaa Khan: She plays an embittered Amrit in Life OK's Amrit Manthan who is let down by the love of her life Agam who goes on to marry her sister Nimrit (Ankita Sharma). She then plots to kill her sisters and nearly succeeds but Nimrit survives albeit with a disfigured face. Amrit gets her man and marries him. However, her sister gets a new lease of life and comes back after a plastic surgery with a new face to take revenge against her. She is negative to the core but thatís how vamps are meant to be.

    This is our list of vamps in 2012. If we have missed on any, you can add them in the reply section below.



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