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    Default TV stars talk about their most endearing fan experience

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    Would you be motivated to carry on with your good work if there was no appreciation whatsoever? It would be likely that you would lose interest in your work.

    TV stars feel all the more motivated as there are hundreds and thousands of fans all over the world who are always applauding them.

    We asked some of your favourite TV stars on their most endearing fan experience.

    And here’s what they said:

    Ragini Khanna
    A couple of years ago, I had gone to London to perform in a Star Parivar live show. Then I was under the assumption that hardly a few people would know me in the British capital. To my surprise, it was a houseful event. I was agog to find gifts pouring in for me every 15 minutes.

    Rithvik Dhanjani
    Two girls from Kolkata would go on messaging me. I would never reply to them as I wasn’t comfortable to text somebody I did not know. When I went to Kolkata for an event, I was informed by the organiser that two families were waiting to meet me from an hour. They were the two girls who were smsing me.
    When the girls saw me, tears were rolling down their eyes. They gifted me a booklet in which they had chronicled my entire professional journey. They had included events which even I had forgotten. They knew that I was attached to my mother, which is why they got gifts for her. As I am a devotee of Lord Ganesha, they also got me Ganpati artifacts. I got to know that their names were Nikita and Sushree. Nowadays, it so happens that whenever they text me, I always reply.

    Urvashi Dholakia
    Firstly, I am thankful and humbled for all the love and appreciation people have been showering on me. This means that every person’s well wishes are with me. It would be unfair to select one. For me, all are equal and without them, I wouldn’t be here.

    Mauli Dave
    When a 12 or 13-year-old girl told me that she takes singing lessons and hopes to be a big singer like me one day, it made my day.

    Rohit Khurana
    I was clubbing in Delhi where girls were drooling over me. They wanted to click pictures, dance and do “cheers” with me. All of them wanted to join me on my table. On seeing this, one of my fans even went on to compliment me saying, “You are a chick magnet!”

    Akanksha Juneja
    Once when I was shopping in South Mumbai, I saw a five-year-old girl following me. Then her parents came up to me and talked to me. I clicked pictures with them. As they just weren’t leaving, I simply couldn’t shop and had to come back home empty handed.

    Giaa Maanek
    A fan who is a cardiologist in Australia came all the way from there to meet me in India. She showered me with extraordinary electronic gifts.



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