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    Default TV stars talk about Eid and its relevance

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    With the arrival of Eid, our country is filled with joy and happiness in midst of the chaos among those from the North Eastern states. But we all hope that this festival will usher in peace.

    In our endeavour to get you the meaning and relevance of this festival, we talked to some television stars and got their takes on it. Read on…

    Anas Rashid better known as Suraj of Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum explained the festival in simple words, “There are two Eids, Fitr and Ituzoha. The Eid that we are celebrating today is Fitr Eid that is celebrated at the end of one month of fasting of Ramzan. Ramzan is an Arabic month.” Pausing a little, he added, “This Eid is a festival as well as a holiday. Holiday, as you get to eat after a month of fasting. Apart from it, we celebrate brotherhood, peace and prosperity on this day.”

    “Eid is not just about fasting but it also about refraining from bad activities like temper and lying. Hence, when one overcomes all these things, he celebrates Eid,” said the beautiful looking Rukhsar Rehman aka Dr Mallika of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. “It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends and also dress up beautifully. The women also put mehendi. So it’s a happy moment for one and all,” she added.

    Eid cannot be celebrated without Eidi. “Eidi is something wherein the elders give gifts (eidi) to the little ones. It is especially in the form of money,” said Anjum Farooki aka Gauri of Colors’ Balika Vadhu.

    However, she is depressed this time as she’d not be getting Eidi this year onwards as she is no more young, “I will miss getting Eidi this year too as I am no more a kid.”

    She continued, “This festival binds people together. On this day, we forgive our enemies and make friends. Hence, the day also conveys peace and brotherhood.”

    Though Anjum will miss her Eidi, Aamir Ali will not only get it, but he will also give it to his better half Sanjeeda Sheikh, as he averred, “As a kid, I used to celebrate Eid only because of Eidi. We would go to all our relatives so that we could collect Eidi as kids but now I get it only from my mom. I give the same to Sanjeeda as she is younger to me.”

    Food is always an important part of every festival hence talking about food Aamir quipped, “I like having sevaiya and biryani.”

    Anas Khan, better known as Deven of Sahara One’s Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna said, “Sheer kurma, chicken and mutton biryani are my favourites.”

    Talking about his best childhood memory, he observed, “While I was still a kid, my nana had bought me 40 to 45 clothes. I think that was the best Eid ever for me.”

    Sana Amin Sheikh, who was last seen in Pratigya on Star Plus, looks at the larger picture of the festival as she divulged, “All festivals are a symbol of peace, but we humans, at times, take them in the wrong sense. Since I am a Muslim, I can explain the meaning of Ramzan well. In the one month that we fast, we just do not fast, but also forgive enemies and make friends. We try and sort the differences be it between friends or family members. If somebody is not doing this, their fast is not accepted hence, everybody tries to work towards peace.”

    Lastly Anas Rashid added, “Zakat is something that is celebrated post-Eid when one gives seven per cent of his wealth to a needy person. This includes property, gold or cash. This amount, at times, goes up in lakhs and is of great help to the ones in need.”

    Well…what a beautiful day and moment to foster peace, love and brotherhood. Eid Mubarak TV buffs!!!



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