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    Default TV stars reveal their angry self

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    Anger is addictive. When we get angry; we feel a sense of power that grips us. Angry people often get angrier and aggressive in their behaviour. This sense of power is often wrong. Anger gives a person the illusion of being 'right'. In the sense that when we are angry, we feel self-righteous about it and in turn humiliate other people.

    We spoke to some TV stars and asked them if they ever get angry as it was World Anger Day yesterday (28 August 2012). Read on…

    Abhaas Mehta, currently seen in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon as Shyam said, “Earlier, I used to be very angry in nature, but now I am very cool and composed. I learnt to control my anger from my dad. It’s been 14 years since I’ve been staying away from my parents and have learnt to control my anger. But when I see others around me angry, I usually try to be calm myself and then handle the situation. If temper is flowing everywhere one should have cool brains to calm down the situation.” Talking about a situation where he couldn’t control his anger, he goes on to add, “Once I had an argument with my friends. It started from us pulling each other’ legs but it soon turned into an ugly spat. And it ended with me throwing my phone in the mall and walking away. People around me stared starring at me.”

    “I am a very calm and composed kind of a person. I believe in spreading love and peace. Anger is an emotion that should be balanced properly. If people around me are angry, I tell them to relax and calm down for some time,” says Hiten Tejwani aka Manav of Pavitra Rishta.

    Avered Ronit Roy, “Well, I am the very wrong person to talk about Anger because I am always calm. I am always at a spiritual level where I know how to handle my anger. My life consists of few people around me who are very peaceful and at some point of time. If at all they get angry sometimes, they will laugh it out the next moment.”

    The very pretty looking Soumya Seth, who was last seen in Navya, says, “I am very short tempered in nature. But the best thing about me is that I get angry very soon but then at the same time I also cool down easily.” After a little pause she adds, “There is one mantra I always chant, and it is ‘chill Soumya… calm down…’ It may sound funny to a lot of people but this helps me a lot.”

    When asked how she would react in a place where everybody is angry, she smartly shot back, “If people around me are mad at me, I will stay mum. Because I think the more you discuss things in anger, the worst they get. So, even if I get angry, I stay quiet at that moment to sort things later.”

    On the other hand Mrinalini Tyagi of Pavira Rishta said, “I hardly get angry.” She further added that she doesn’t have mood swings. “I am very easy going and simple girl. That’s why I have managed to share the same bond with everyone till date. Normally, when I have any kind of argument, I try getting back to it only after I calm down. I never get to a conclusion in anger. I know my husband from six years and in these years I have never had a spat.”

    Talking about her personal experience, she observes, “I had to shoot for a tiny scene in Pavitra Rishta and hence I had come on the sets in spite of being unwell. My eyes were fully red; however, I was made to stay back on the sets for a long period of time by one of the production people. This incident irked me so much that I took the production to task and screamed and shouted at him. Though the next day, I still had swollen eyes, I felt bad about what I did the day before.”

    The always bubbly Ragini Khanna (Sasural Genda Phool fame) said, “Well, I get angry when there is miss-management in my work. Otherwise, I am a very patient girl. To make me shout, a person has to try real hard. But when people around me are angry, I let them be angry but keep quiet myself. I do not try to pacify them.”

    Recollecting a past experience, Ragini avers, “During my school days, there was a naughty boy. One day when he had put bits of paper on my hair, I got so angry that my eyes had become red and tears were rolling down my cheek. After that incident, nobody from my class room dared to provoke me (laughs).”



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