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    Default If TV stars become a producer for a day!

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    Producers are the ones who make shows to entertain you. They are the ones who present you with a wide range of emotions while you sit munching popcorn in your drawing room.

    Yes, they are the men and women with the money and are the ones who rule the business of television programming.

    Inquistive as we always are, we called up some actors from the field of television and asked them what would they do if they happened to be a producer for a day for their own show. Read onÖ

    Akanksha Singh:
    Hmm.. I canít think of anything right now, but if possible I will reduce my working hours as itís too hectic. Apart from that I will definitely do something in favour of all the other actors of my show.

    Kunwar Amar:
    Well, I will take my entire unit abroad for a shoot and have a nice time together. I will buy a multi set up camera so that i don't have to wait for other people's shot to get over. And ,of course, I will make my character more strong.

    Kavita Kaushik:
    Well, my producer is doing a fantastic job, but if I happen to turn a producer for a day, I would take my entire unit to shoot in Delhi, since I have huge fan following there.

    Furthermore, I would want to shoot in the streets of Chandni Chowk so that we get to enjoy the real colors and flavours of Delhi.

    Ashish Kapoor:
    I wish that happens! I have a long list of wishes. Firstly, being an actor we shoot endlessly so we donít get time to go to the gym. Once I get to become a producer, I would make a small area for a gym on my set with a few equipment so that everybody can use it. I will install a Coco Cola vending machine on the sets for all to get refreshed. Lastly, I will install TV sets in rooms of all the actors so that they can watch their favourite shows.

    Debina Bonnerjee:
    Well, our set is very open, so we donít have an air conditioner. And after a point our set becomes very hot. But if i become a producer for a day I would create an enclosed set and also fix up an air conditioner there.

    Karan Mehra:
    If I happen to be a producer for my own show for a day, I will change everything. I will increase my track, will hike my pay (laughs) and apart from that, will go for a long vacation.



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