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    Default When TV stars become Prime Minister of India for a day

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    India at 65 is going through a pessimistic phase; we have lost trust and respect in most of our law makers and state institutions. There is an urgent war cry for someone from the masses to rise up and take power and dispense summary justice. Something similar as Anil Kapoor did in the 2001 film Nayak. Hence, we spoke to some TV stars about what they would do if they were given Prime Ministerial powers for one day.

    We first had a chat with Rupali Ganguly, “If I become PM for a day, I would arrest all the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and Z plus security for tainted netas would be promptly withdrawn. I will take step to recover hundred of crores of black money stashed abroad. One more thing what really wrinkles me is the reservation policy. I will discontinue it at the post graduation level rather will order my officers to provide all kinds of other help to socially and economically weaker groups. Last but not the least I would give the military a free hand to bomb terrorist camps in Pakistan and throw out illegal Bangladeshi migrants from Assam, Tripura and other parts of the country.

    She continued, “We also will need to smash all the local Muslim groups who aid Pakistan in indulging in mayhem like 26/11. But I guess one day would be less for all this, I would need at least 10 days.”

    On the other hand, Angad Hasija is greatly pained by large scale corruption like 2G scam, illegal mining in Karnataka and Taj corridor case, hence he would ask CBI and other investigative agencies at the central and state levels to probe these cases of gross national loot on an “asap” basis and book the concerned persons irrespective of their political affiliations.

    “I will also try my utmost best by trying to make politics graft free by introducing long delayed electoral and police reforms.” I will try to create a consensus on the vexed Lokpal issue between politicians and civil society groups.” Last but not the least he added, “I will try to reduce taxes for lower and middle income groups by bridging the fiscal deficit through robust and effective collections from rich and influential people who till now have evaded paying taxes.”

    Nausheen Ali Sardar shared, “Being a woman I would take steps to end female feoticide. I would direct all state governments to start large scale social programmes to educate the public about importance of the girl child. I am greatly pained at recent attempts by extremist groups across religious and caste divides to enforce their code of morality on women. This is something which is unacceptable in a modern and globalized world, where woman should be free to wear what they want and marry out of love if they wish. If I get PM powers, I will firstly crush these self stylist moralists with an iron hand.”

    If you thought that all TV stars were serious about national issues, think again for we met quite a few who were least bothered. Mitali Nag of Afsar Bitiya seems to be only self concerned for she said, “Every affording household should be provided with a 24 hour help. This way our employment problem will be greatly resolved and I will get a maid when I remit office the next day.” The icing on the cake went to Sara Khan who said, “If I become the Prime Minister for one day, I would paint the whole world pink. The world would be full of teddy bears and chocolates. I wish I could do this.”



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