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    Default TV stars and their hidden talents

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    Television celebs are meant to entertain viewers and they do their job jolly good well. But many are not aware of the fact that there are many who are indeed blessed with varied hidden talents. While some like photography, there are some who love to weave a fascinating world via poetic words.

    Here’s we presenting a feature revealing hidden talents of your favourite TV stars…let’s unravel…

    Rishabh Sinha: First of all I can make any girl go ga-ga over me. I also have other talents. Here’s the list…(a) I can make paper airplanes, (b) I can play basketball, (c) I can play cricket, (d) I can dance, (e) I can enact, (f) I can forget, (g) I can growl…and I can go on till (z). But the only thing I can’t do is give birth to a child (wink wink).

    Ragini Khanna: Everyone is aware of the fact that I am good in singing apart from facing the camera. However, it is still a lesser known fact that I am good at playing instrument, namely a synthesizer. Furthermore, I am a champion when it comes to playing damsharas (gesture based game). Everyone wants to be in my team for I always win (laughs).

    Karan Wahi: Well, there many hidden talents in me (wink wink). I like to write poems and short stories. I also know to how play a guitar very well. Acting was a hidden talent initially and later it became my career choice. But many are not aware that I love decorating houses, in terms of interior decorating. I have been helping my friends to embellish their houses and I think I am very good at it (smiles).

    Kritika Kamra: I am very talkative so I am good in debates. I think I also have a good sense of humor and being a part of the television industry, I know to entertain my viewers. Other than that I like to sketch and design.

    Gurmeet Choudhary: Most of them know that I am fine at martial arts but back in the time when I was into theaters I used to direct plays and write stories. But I couldn’t take my talent forward but in future I will explore myself as a director and writer.

    Niaa Sharma: Aah…let me think. I don’t really know any hidden talents about me. Wait a minute… everybody knows that I am a very sportive kind of a person. During my college days, I was into ice-skating, badminton and was a national level basketball player.

    Nakuul Mehta: Back in the days I used to write poems. Moreover, I am good at horse riding, playing cricket and tennis. And one I thing I would like to add up is that I am also a fine ballroom dancer.

    Krystle Dsouza: Well…I can paint really well. And of course, I love dancing.

    Shaheer Sheikh: Well many people don’t know that I love photography. I like commercial photography. In my free time I love to get candid with my camera.



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