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    Default TV stars say Happy Friendship Day!

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    “Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai …Yeh na ho to kya phir … Bolo yeh zindagi hai…” this beautiful song sung by K K aptly summaries the essence of the most beautiful and purest relationship in the world…that is of friendship. Today (5 August 2012) the world is celebrating Friendship Day. Today is the day to turn the pages of life and evoke the wonderful moments that you have spent with your pals in school, college or workplace. Friendship is a fragrance, a beauty that never fades with time. Friends understand you. Friends relate to you. They are the ones with whom you have spent so many unforgettable sweet and sour moments. Without friends life is like a colorless painting. Friends make you laugh and cry, they can make your day or break your heart, but no matter what you simply cannot get by in life without friends.

    We spoke to some of the TV celebs and asked them what friendship means to them and who are their closest friends from the television industry. Let’s see what they had to say:

    Said hot and sexy Sneha Kapoor aka Sharon from Dil Dostii Dance, “God has not given us chance to choose our siblings but you can choose a true friend with whom you can share happy and sad thoughts and enjoy special moments. A true friend can bring a smile to your lips. I am very close to my D3 girls’ gang. Priyanka, Samantha and I share a special bond. We also share a same room. We keep pulling each other’s legs. I enjoy their company a lot. I want to wish my fans a Happy Friendship day. Make true and loyal friends and make this world a better place to live.”

    Let’s hear it from beautiful and gracious, Yashashri Masukar, “Friendship is better than any other relationship. A friend will always stand by you for the entire life. I am very close to Swapnaji (Waghmare Joshi). She is not judgmental. She will never shout at any one and she treats everybody equally. Friendship is a relationship that needs a lot of understanding, so always try to maintain this bond.

    We also got in touch with Madhubala superstar RK aka Vivian Dsena. He stated, “I am very selective when it comes to friendship. I don’t make friends that easily. In friendship, most important aspects are trust, respect and understanding. One should always value each other. One should be there during your ups and down in life. I am lucky to have Vahbbiz (Dorabjee), Suyash (Kumar) and Kishwer (Merchant) in my life. We are gang of four crazy people. We enjoy each other’s company. For me, life is empty without them and I am happy to have them around. I would like to tell my fans that always think before making friends. Faithful friendship lasts forever. Wish you all a Happy Friendship day.

    Handsome lad Aamir Ali said, “Friendship for me is the most special and purest of all relationships. A friend is one who stands by you in your good and bad times. I share good bond with my school and college buddies. From television I don’t want to name a single person as all are very dear to me.

    Happy Friendship Day to all my lovely fans. Enjoy.”

    On the other hand, Kunal Karan Kapoor, who is seen in Colors’ Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha as Mohan, averred, “I don’t believe in having some particular day to tell my friends how much I care for them. Every day should be celebrated as Friendship Day. From the TV industry, Sweta Salve is my close friend. I still remember when my doggy was sick and she took him to doctor. Recently we went to Goa for 7 days and had awesome fun. It’s always good to have her around. I don’t believe in any kind of celebration to acknowledge my friendship. Follow your heart and go with the flow. Happy Friendship day to all!!!

    Kunwar Amar, who is seen as Reyansh in Channel V’s Dil Dostii Dance, said, “I think Friendship Day is the day when you call your old buddies and remember the times that we had spent together. It’s the day when you forget all the worries. Friendship doubles one's happiness and reduces one's sadness... A best and true friend is very hard to find, but once you find him or her, he or she is a precious treasure for a lifetime.”

    Continued Kunwar, “Shakti Mohan is a very close friend of mine from the television industry. She was the one who helped me a lot when I came down to Mumbai to make my career. She is a true friend. One thing I like and also dislike about her is she is very straight forward. Finally, Happy Friendship day to my dear fans. Make many friends but keep one special friend with whom you can share all your secrets.

    We wishes everyone a very Happy Friendship Day!!!



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