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    Default When TV stars got 'fooled'

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    Yippee… it’s April Fools' Day, the official day when you can pull pranks on anyone without having to say sorry.

    It is the time when you can exploit your prankish spirit to the extreme. Play a prank; confuse people with your riddles, gags, pranks and jokes. And the best part is you can just excuse yourself by saying ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’.

    We called up a few TV actors and asked them if they have been fooled by anyone on All Fool’s Day.

    And here is what they shared…

    Beautiful Punjabi kudi Annie Gill, who is currently seen as Rano in Sony Entertainment Television’s Anamika shared, “yesterday, I was fooled by my co-actor Mudit Nayar aka Jeet. It all happened that when I came to the set this morning I saw a few reporters and photographers. They came up to me and asked about the whereabouts of Mudit saying that they wanted to interview him as he is being replaced in the show. Completely shocked, I immediately had a big question mark on my face. Not only that, even the cast and crew came to me and behaved as if the whole thing was true. Later, Mudit came and started answering to the queries of the media. And the questions that media people asked were very heart breaking like, will you miss your cast and crew? How has your journey been? Etc. Hearing all this, tears started rolling down from my eyes. When I rushed to the washroom in disgust, all of them came and started banging the door and yelled ‘bakra banaya’. It was all pre-planned. So yes, I am the official bakra yesterday.”

    Cute and chirpy Niaa Sharma, who is better known as Maanvi from Star Plus’ Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai stated, “Well, from my childhood, I have been playing pranks on everyone but they have been all very light-hearted and not the serious ones that can make any person feel sad. Talking about me getting fooled, all I can say is that once my brother played a prank on me which I don’t remember now. It was a very silly joke though.”

    Petite Giaa Maanek averred, “I cannot forget the prank that was played on me five years ago. It all happened when I used to live in Thane. On the first day of April, some of my friends called me up saying that they were planning for a dinner and said that later we would party somewhere in the lounge. So all excited, I dressed up really well and as decided, I went to the nearby mall where we had decided to meet up. Like an idiot, I waited for an hour when later my friends called up and started shouting ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’. And I laughed my heart out because I, for one, am not used to get angry on anyone.”

    “A week ago, Vivek Oberoi bought a gift for me. Thrilled, I opened the gift but as soon as I saw it I was stunned to see two bloodied fingers in the box. Not only this, Rithvik (Dhanjani) also bought a gift in which there was potty (shit). I was indeed amazed and disguised by the present. I hoped they don’t fool me anymore yesterday,” said Ragini Khanna.

    Lastly, Yuvraj Thakur added, “Frankly speaking, nobody has fooled me yet. It is my job and I do it in a very good way (wink). Actually, I keep playing pranks on the sets of Best Friends Forever (BFF). Now, people are so used to that they always think I am playing a prank all the time. As a matter of fact, if I genuinely tell them something, they think that I am playing a trick.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone!!!



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