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    Default TV stars who are fit to play Bond...James Bond

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    The latest James Bond flick Skyfall is winning hearts all across the globe. Now, James Bond movies are all about adventure, thrilling investigative stories, gadgets and of course…women.

    Over the years we have seen Hollywood actors namely Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig, amongst others saving countries via their super spy kills.

    In Bollywood too, we have our very own desi avatars of James Bond in Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan et al. Now we took a little trip down the lane of imagination and creativity and picked up a pebble of idea. And what it is exactly?

    We wondered on the names of the current lot of television actors who would fit the bill and look super cool in the James Bond avatar. Here we go… (names arranged in alphabetical order)

    Barun Sobti- The character of James Bond is good-looking, classy and of course, super stylish. And Barun Sobti of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon fame has all the above mentioned qualities. He is no doubt a talented actor and his intense look with a veneer of striking innocence indeed suits him as James Bond.

    Gaurav Chopraa- Gaurav Chopraa has a baritone that has an intoxicating appeal on females. He is tall, fair, handsome and of course, owns the apt persona to play James Bond. And his prior stints in some of the Hollywood movies would help him perform better too…we guess.

    Kushal Tandon- This lamba chawda Punjabi jawan has looks to kill. We are sure that when he would don a Tuxedo and drive an Aston Martin car…he will look no less than a killing machine. Way to go…Kushal (whistle…whistle).

    Mohit Raina- Boy… he has to be in the list. He is one of the most good looking and fit actors in the television industry in recent times. The character of Lord Shiva has never been so popular before in the small screen space. He has the perfect agility and looks to be in a Bond movie. His intense look and a queer aggressive yet subtle demeanor…make him a favourite.

    Rithvik Dhanjani- He has grown in popularity in leaps and bounds over the last few months. And he is here for a specific reason…for his coquettish and airy nature. Yes, Rithvik is an absolute darling amongst women and can charm any soul in the world. And beneath his cool nature lies a raw punch which surely will make him a winner in any adverse condition. Rithvik can be called a Bond who is a smiling assassin.

    Ronit Roy- Ronit…he is a veteran and an actor beyond par. And he looks super chic in a suit…His muscular physique…poignant eyes and tattooed body…will add a different touch to the character of Bond altogether.

    Sushant Singh Rajput- He is cute yet deadly. He won’t be a Bond in its conventional sense but yes…he can certainly weave a charm on one and all. What makes him a favourite is his dedication and perseverance to achieve goals…which is also essential qualities of Bond. Sushant…you are Bond with a difference.

    Sky (Akashdeep Sehgal)- Yes, he is an absolute Bond material sans the long hair. Or may be that would act as an element of uniqueness for him. Depends…But yes, Sky has all the right attitude and brawn in place to sneak into enemy territories, wage guerrilla wars, dance with beautiful women and protect humanity at large.

    Shaleen Malhotra- He is already having enough practice playing the deadly sleuth in Star Plus’ Arjun. If looks could kill…Shaleen would be listed as the numero uno criminal in the country. Shaleen is what we think a perfect actor to play a James Bond character.

    Vivian Dsena- Finally…we come to Vivian Dsena. Yes, he has to act on his mannerisms a bit but when it comes to looks…he scores all the marks. Imagine Vivian wearing a Tux…smoking a cigarette (we are not promoting puffing…just chill guys), dark glasses on face and carrying a razor sharp attitude. Yes, there you go…Bond written all over him.

    Okay… this was our list…did we miss anyone…then please enlighten us by hitting the comment section…go ahead and stay stylish…like James Bond!!!



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