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    Default TV stars in Fantasy Island

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    ‘Fantasy’ is something where an individual drifts into a wild imagination and gets to dream of the weirdest possible things. We posed such a question to our telly actors to know how their imagination flows!!

    Over to the question now – Imagine that you are all alone adrift in an island and there is no fear that your partner or spouse would see what you are up to. Given this scenario, who would you want as company and why?

    Aah, tough one right? But here’s how the actors reacted to our question...

    Rakhi Sawant: I would want to be with Arvind Kejriwal as I can drown him in his watery gravy for he is leading the nation in ruin.

    Madhura Naik: If I were marooned on an island it would definitely be with an absolutely beautiful man inside out. The guy must be a certified scuba diver, so that we get some more action on the island. I refuse to name him though.

    Manish Paul: I would not want to be stuck with a woman as I would not want to come back depriving myself of the company of several women. Hence I would say Tom Hanks as he has the experience of having acted in Cast Away. He would know of techniques to get us back home as early as possible. I don’t think my wife will have any problem with this answer of mine, as she knows that eventually I will come back home to her (smiles).

    Niaa Sharma: I would live to spend such an adventure with a close guy friend so that we have lots of fun. He can protect me from any danger i.e. wild animals, cannibals etc.

    Narayani Shastri: Vrajesh Hirjee as he is fully armoured! He can make me smile even by staring at me, which he does a lot. He is mad and we all know that laughter is the best medicine and at the same time he is a thorough gentleman. I am sure that I will be treated like a princess.

    Gaurav Chopraa: Kyon marva rahe ho, if I take 2/3 names, it will only court controversy. Hmmn, let me think, my Man Friday as he would take good care of me (hope some don’t think that I am that way, wink wink). But since you mention adrift, remembering the super hit yesteryears film Blue Lagoon, it will have to be only Brooke Shield.

    Abhinav Shukla: Since I have already shown my survivor skills in Survivor India, I don’t need to say that I will take good care of the woman I would be with. I would prefer Hollywood chic Halle Berry, (X men fame) to our Bollywood girls who are quite dumb. They would forget me once they are home and thanklessly go back to their producers. All Indian females are luxury seeking and will only crib and cry on the island.

    Krystle Dsouza: I would want my mom and phone for company. Mom for obvious reasons i.e. I love her and she is the best company I can get. And phone as everyone else lives in it. This way I can keep updating some awesome pictures and status too.



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