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    Default TV stars and their dream cars

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    When someone coins the word “cars”… the immediate thought the crosses the mind is zip… zap and zoom. Okay…many other thoughts might also emerge, but this is what we feel usually happens. Anyways…moving on…your favourite TV stars love cars. And in a candid chat with us, they shared about their dream cars. Some prefer it sporty and some classy. Buckle up for a joy ride…

    Karan Kundra-

    My dream car is one and only Rolls Royce Phantom. It has compelling and muscular looks. I simply love that car and would love to drive it someday. Currently… I am a proud owner of BMW 5 series.

    Karan Tacker-

    Bugatti is the car that I would love to buy one day. It has a striking design. It is the fastest car in the world and I am a speed junky, so I wish I could drive it once at least. These days I am enjoying driving my Audi which is a cool and classy car.

    Ragini Khanna-

    I like Bugatti Veyron. It’s one of the fastest cars. But it’s not possible to drive on Indian roads so I have to go somewhere aboard.. I know I can’t afford it but I would love to go for a drive one day.

    Karan Wahi-

    I dream to own Ford Mustang GT. It’s a classy and sporty car and very different from all other models available in the market. It is my aim to buy this car in the future. Currently, I drive BMW 5 series which is a very elegant vehicle.

    Karan V Grover¬-

    My dream car is Range Rover sport. It is a tough machine, super charged and spacious and runs like “makkhan” on roads. It is so powerful that it can climb a mountain. I will surely buy it one day, however, these days I am driving Honda City.

    Shilpa Anand-

    Cars are only a means of transport for me. I don’t believe in showing off and flaunting my gadgets. So there is no such dream car for me. Currently… I am driving a Honda City.

    Kavita Kaushik-

    As a kid I always dreamt of buying a BMW. And I am a proud owner of this car. I think it’s very beautiful looking and stylish. So I am happy with my BMW and enjoying my ride.

    Abhinav Shukla-

    It should be Jeep Rubicon. It’s a sporty and off road vehicle. You can take this car anywhere. So this is my dream car and would surely buy some day. Well… these are the dream cars of your favourite TV stars. Which one is yours? Go down to the comments section and let us know…



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